Quick Questions & Answers

  1. My merc can't equip anything! What happened?

    - Most likely you didn't install the mod properly. Run D2ModSetup.bat, found in your HU folder.

  2. No Arimyth Network in Realm list. What do I do?

    - Run hu.reg, found in your HU folder.

  3. Weird stuff happening! I can't see the latest patch changes in the game. For example, Poison Strike spawns a cloud, skill changes are not visible on the skill page, etc. 
    - Delete your Data folder if you have one. If it still doesn't fix it, try to redownload/reinstall the mod.

  4. I can't enter normal games! What's the problem?

    - Most likely your character has already finished Normal Baal. Characters that have the Baal quest finished (thus are in the next difficulty level) can't join games made by characters still in previous difficulties. This is an anti-rush feature. You can still make normal or nightmare games.

  5. I crash when entering Level 2 of the Isolated Purgatory! What's happening?

    - This is a bug that has been around for a long time. There's some problem with the map or the fires. There is something you can do http://forum.arimyth.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=4638 follow that link and download the data folder posted within to fix it.

  6. I killed a portal-spawning boss, but no portal. Where is it?

    - If bosses are killed by Thorns damage, they spawn no portals. Remove Thorns damage from your gear and/or try again.

  7. Destroyed a portal orb, but no portal spawned. It's all lies!

    - It's just a bug. If a Holy aura (Holy Fire/Freeze/Shock) does the killing 'blow', no town portal is spawned.


    Leoric now drops a tome that looks like a Vanilla D2 Book. To complete the challenge and cube the charm with the scroll sold by Akara. You must also be within the level range for the given difficulty.          Don't worry if you missed it. You can always make a new character to cube your book for your nightmare guy.
    Normal Level 25-30.
    Nightmare Level 70-75.
    Hell Level 90-94. 

How do I get to the Cow level?

You need to find 4 items and fuse them together in your cube in Act 1. This will open a portal to the Cow Level. The items can be found in the locations listed below:

  • Act 1: Wirts Leg
    Dropped by Blood Raven, Griswold, Smith, Tobial, Mort

  • Act 2: Tome of Riches
    Maggot Queen, Juggernaut, Summoner, Ardual, Radament

  • Act 3: Statue of Greed
    Sszak, Chimera, Sarina, General, Council

  • Act 5: Treasure Map
    Shenk, Ice Dragon, Acaste, Ancients 

These bosses won't *always* drop the cow parts though, so you may have to visit them a few times before you get what you want.

What the heck do I do with a cursed item?

You may notice that a monster drops a cursed ring, amulet or sword and wonder what hte heck this is used for. Obviously you need to uncurse it! That can be done by finding 5 purification glphys and fusing them with the item in your cube. The glpyhs can be found in the locations listed below:

  • Act 1, Tamoe, Pit lvl2 off a uniq hawk nest thing

  • Act 2, Rocky Wastes, Stony Tomb lvl2 off uniq Wisp (Gloam) Pack

  • Act 2, Palace lvl3, Escape Tunnel (Upper right of map) off a uniq burrowing worm

  • Act 3, Flayer Jungle, Swampy Pit lvl3 off a uniq flayer shaman

  • Act 3, Trav, Fortress of Zak off uniq vampire in the center

Normal Glyphs : Cursed Ring ---> Horadric Ring 
NM Glyphs : Cursed Amulet ---> Zakarum Amulet 
Hell Glyphs : Cursed Sword ---> Sword of the Wanderer

What is the Land of Shadows and how do I get there?

The Land of Shadows (or LOS) is an end game area with powerful monsters and fat loot. Each of the final bosses drops a "heart" that gives a large bonus to a particular character class. The bosses don't die easily though, so you generally need to bring your A game to get the job done.

To get to the Land of Shadows you need to fuse together the 5 Keys found throughout the realm. The keys will only drop in Hell Difficulty. In addition to fusing together the keys you need to have the following quests completed: Hell baal, Countess Quest, Viper Amulet Quest, Council Quest, Hellforge Quest and Nihlathak Quest or you won't be able to enter the portal.

  • Key of Anguish : Countess

  • Key of Pain : Ardual

  • Key of Hatred : Council

  • Key of Terror : Hellforge Dragon

  • Key of Destruction : Nihlathak

Once you have fused the keys in to a single Key of Evil, just use it outside town in A5 in Hell Difficulty.

One final note - at the end of each area, the boss will open a portal to the next area. Make sure you don't use thorns damage (from an Iron Golem or Spirit of Barbs for example) to make the final kill or the portal won't spawn and you will be very unhappy.

What is the Great Void and how do I get there?

The great void is where Soulmancer himself resides and if you thought los  bosses were hard this guy makes them cry in their sleep. If you can manage to best the creator he will bestow upon you a grand charm with 2-3 to all skills

To get to Soulmancer you will need to collect the cursed ring, the cursed amulet,  the cursed sword 

Once you have collected these items you will need to purify them, then you will also need the Soul of the Dead charm from hell Sammy.Finally cube all of them in a5 to open a special portal to Soulmancer himself.

Credits: Blue_Myriddn ,Critterkiller