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PureRage-DoD Edits

Client Side Edits

Static animation removed
Glasyas fire/cold mass explosion had its cold explosions removed
Siege beists screenshake removed
All fire size reduced to small
Assassins fireblast made more funky looking
Catapults attacks adjusted (you still see the missiles, but the explosion effects are removed and the poison clouds duration is shortened)
Prime poison nova (putrid defilers poison cloud) animation removed
Hurricane rocks and debris removed (wind effect remains)
All skills available on left click
Reduced meteor showers explosion density
Cloak of shadows darkness effect reduced to 1 second
Removed bone cages corpses (achmael type bone cages)
Removed spirit blades corpses 

Just move the data folder inside the attatchment into your HU folder (merge with current data folder if one exists) and run the game in -direct -txt mode.

If using D2SE just extract to your HU mod folder and run the game

Smaller In Game Target Cursor:

replaces the big hand pointer with a small circle to clean up the screen a bit. Takes a little getting used too but I find it easier on the eyes than a big ugly gauntlet.

Improved Fx Pack

Adjusted lighting levels, intensity and color to give the game a bit more of a dark feel to it.
Death knights aura changed to bubbling blood effect below your feet, sorc masteries coming with an overlay, missiles getting hit effects (like nado). See screenies Here
Remember for the lighting effect, you need to be running with glide or in d3d video mode
    Install Instuctions
                If you have a current data folder, just merge this one with it and remember to run in -direct -txt.
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Reduces Lag Due to Heavy Graphics and Adds Skills to Left Click  Oct 23, 2011, 11:57 AM Daniel Dew

Improves The Look And Feel Of Many Skills And Areas  Nov 5, 2011, 8:37 AM Daniel Dew

  Oct 23, 2011, 11:59 AM Daniel Dew